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  • PDF 400×400 Challenge

    PDF 400×400 Challenge

    Article | News | Recent work

    21st September 2020

    Living in Plymouth (Devon, UK) it’s been pretty hard to miss all the talk about Mayflower in the past few years…

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  • August – in a nutshell

    August – in a nutshell


    28th August 2020

    Can it really be the end of summer already? See what we have been up to this month as we round up August.

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  • July – in a nutshell

    July – in a nutshell


    31st July 2020

    Ah, July. Month 2,812 of 2020 (or something). But there is light end of the tunnel.

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  • Ten not out

    Ten not out

    Article | News

    28th July 2020

    A quick search on Google reveals that a lot has changed in ten years. Things we consider ubiquitous in our lives now weren’t even things. A world without iPads, Alexa or Instagram. Netflix is still operating with DVDs. Welcome to 2010.

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  • June – in a nutshell

    June – in a nutshell


    30th June 2020

    June has been a busy month! We are looking forward to heading into the next month with exciting new projects. For now though, check out what we’ve been working on and what has inspired us this month!

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  • Helping From Home

    Helping From Home

    Recent work

    3rd June 2020

    COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways. For a charity with operations that exclusively take place within schools, encouraging students to work in teams and build contact with external causes, the closure of schools and subsequent lockdown meant their whole modus operandi was turned on its head, very quickly indeed!

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