Supercharging E Electrical’s website for the EV revolution

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7th June 2022

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, so we thought we’d take a moment in our busy schedule to mention a new website redesign for E Electrical.

It’s no surprise that with the world turning towards cleaner energy that even the businesses of Plymouth are preparing for a greener world.

E Electrical is still an infant in its industry, but is part of the a larger group that’s been serving the South West for over 20 years, the E Service Group.

Their ambitious nature to try something new led to us running a brand workshop with them and develop a website to showcase their offering for Electric Vehicle charging.

Putting the spotlight on their difference

When we started working on the E Electrical website redesign, there were still some mixed messaging from the main group. The group had grown out of necessity – for domestic and commercial clients who needed to offer full compliancy for lifts, fire and electrical services. This rapid growth of services meant that the brand backbone to the E Service Group was almost nonexistent.

This isn’t totally unusual when dealing with larger companies with many offerings. Without an anchor point for all these loose offerings to hang off, it makes it harder for these to co-exist organically – this is what brand can achieve.

As we explored other holding groups’ messaging, we found that some championed their people and some their service offering.

Very rarely the two were combined, and never in the E Service Group’s industry. We were set on a path to highlight how nurtured experts can result in the highest quality of work.

The details of a more energised E Electrical

Although not a branding exercise in the visual sense, the brand sprint had set us up with a reference point for website decisions. This helped us select appropriate typefaces, colours, copy, and even the hierarchy of content.

E Electrical isn’t your usual handyman/electrician. With the support of the larger group, they have a full office team behind them, which makes responding to emergencies all so seamless. With the need to showcase this difference, we introduced variations of the emergency vehicle patterns throughout the website.

It’s exciting for us to send out a revitalised look of an existing brand. It certainly looks far different to any other electrician in the South West. We even dusted off our own photography skills to avoid using an overwhelming amount of stock photos found on competitor websites!

Prepared for the future

Our considerations for the website went far beyond the aesthetics. The website redesign was built around carefully planned strands of dynamic content so it was constantly feeling fresh when people would load up the website.

We developed their bespoke CMS within Webflow from our initial conversations around EV. They needed to prepare for more change, and and they’re now able to do exactly that without needing to worry about layout or design.

Both E Electrical and E Service Group directors were blown away by how much value we were able to add and we look forward to seeing the site start to translate into more traffic and leads. The next step in continuing our relationship with the group is to take the brand workshop into other deliverables such as an EV campaign, other E Service Group websites and who knows, perhaps a rebrand…

Want to see it for yourself? View the live site here.

Written by Calum