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  • May – in a nutshell

    May – in a nutshell


    28th May 2021

    Welcome to our May nutshell edition of what we have been up to this month, a little early due to the bank holiday which we are hoping will be a super sunny one for all!

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  • April – in a nutshell

    April – in a nutshell


    3rd May 2021

    Well how about that? Another month snuck up on us and finished without warning!

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  • March – in a nutshell

    March – in a nutshell


    31st March 2021

    We are back! Come and see what we have been up to since we last brought you our month in a nutshell.

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  • Introducing Calum

    Introducing Calum


    18th March 2021

    In case you didn’t know Calum already, we’ve put him through our quickfire questions for you to get to know him better. The tradition lives on!

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  • Students: How to stand out at a portfolio review – part 2

    Students: How to stand out at a portfolio review – part 2


    5th February 2021

    Creative Director Owen took a rambly chat with his good friend James Reekie of Macmillan Cancer Support to discuss the subject of standing out, or preparing for an industry/professional portfolio review from students.

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  • January – in a nutshell

    January – in a nutshell


    29th January 2021

    Happy New Year! Ok, so January might seem like the never-ending month but here we are already moving on, ever closer to warmer days (yes wishful thinking) so come and read our first nutshell of the year, and find out what we have been up to.

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