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  • Episode 2: Steve Coffey, Compassion UK

    Episode 2: Steve Coffey, Compassion UK


    17th January 2022

    Owen speaks to Steve Coffey about the challenges of international brand management, the value of values that mean something, and the benefit of using empathy rather than shock tactics to retain long-term relationships with supporters.

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  • December – in a nutshell

    December – in a nutshell


    23rd December 2021

    We’re signing off 2021 with our final month in a nutshell feature. In many ways a very difficult year, but in other ways the most exciting year yet. Take a look through what we’ve been working on and admiring elsewhere.

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  • Episode 1: James Reekie, Macmillan Cancer Support

    Episode 1: James Reekie, Macmillan Cancer Support


    1st December 2021

    It can only be one charity really, can’t it! We speak to James Reekie, Brand and Creative Consultant at Macmillan Cancer Support, who gives us an energetic and hugely impassioned insight into many years, two major rebrands and countless thrown-out briefs at one of the UK’s most prominent non-profits.

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  • November – in a nutshell

    November – in a nutshell


    30th November 2021

    Remember, remember… something something November? It’s been a busy busy month at Upshot HQ and we’ve been so busy we nearly forgot to launch the Nutshell! We’ve got some really exciting projects at different stages and we’re looking forward to the upcoming festivities and a bit of a break in a few weeks! But first, here’s what we’ve been doing and enjoying this month.

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  • Branding: A dirty word for charities or a critical asset?

    Branding: A dirty word for charities or a critical asset?


    3rd November 2021

    Why branding (or rebranding) your charity could be critical for your success, and why it shouldn’t be seen as a dirty word – featuring the story of First Give.

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  • October – in a nutshell

    October – in a nutshell


    29th October 2021

    Hey you feel that? There’s definitely a chill in the air! With hot drinks flowing, clients visiting the studio and cuddles with Beau (our unofficial studio pup), we’re definitely feeling the love this month. Take a look at what we’ve been up to.

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