we are

With smiles on our faces and a spring in our step, our little team is tight-knit and ready for action.


A specialist brand and communication design studio based in Plymouth, UK.

We’re small in size but huge in enthusiasm, dedication and imagination – real people wanting to use our passion for creativity, craft and conceptual thinking to make a positive impact.


Our little gang

Owen Jones

Creative Director

Matthew Bowker

Digital Designer

Gemma Nevitt

Studio Manager


A principle-led business

Values that run through everything

Upshot is built on a foundation not just of meticulous graphic design nerdism (although that’s important too) but of convictions and principles.

Our principles affect all sorts. How we approach projects. Who we work with. How we hire. How we write and speak. What organisations we partner with and support. They’re not just there for show.


Made in our studio from sunny Plymouth

At the heart, what makes an agency special is its people. We place importance on cultivating a good work culture and believe that comes through in our client relationships and creative output.