We’re a creative agency specialising in brand and communication design for big-thinkers, change-makers and local heroes. We believe in the amazing impact of creative thinking, dynamic ideas and expert craftsmanship, and combine these to create design that makes a difference for people that make a difference.

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What’s the Upshot?

Individuals, startups, growing businesses and charities have all benefited from the results of our work, so however your organisation makes a difference, we’re here to help. With our principle-led ethos, commitment to quality, and personable approach, let’s discuss what we can do for you next.

Studio news and views

  • Mixed emotions

    Mixed emotions


    21st July 2021

    Celebrating 11 years, and saying goodbye to our first team member.

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  • June – in a nutshell

    June – in a nutshell


    29th June 2021

    It’s time for our June edition of nutshell and we are delighted to invite you to see what we have been up to and what has inspired us across the industry, so take a break, grab a cuppa and let’s go!

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  • Process: The Millennial Money Masterplan

    Process: The Millennial Money Masterplan

    Inspiration | Recent work

    9th June 2021

    The process of creating an impactful book cover is often an iterative one – the initial concept often points us in the right direction but it’s the refinement of each element over time that results in something well rounded and shelf/Amazon-ready. Here’s a guide to our latest book design.

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