Last Christmas…

...we sent you a pud

Design for Print | Marketing Communications | Packaging

  • Following up our successful Christmas pudding campaign from 2020 with a refreshing festive gift.

  • Following a successful campaign in 2020, a parody on the popular festive Wham track ‘Last Christmas’ was too good an opportunity to miss. We sent out a limited number of beers (brewed expertly by our friends at Ivybridge Brewing) to a few of the recipients of the pud – just to follow up, keep in touch and give them a brilliant offer to help them go into 2022 with confidence.

  • The designs were printed on GF Smith’s self adhesive Colorplan labels using white and CMYK inks by Dayfold. The concept of the design followed on from the pudding and referenced the distinctive hexagonal shape.

  • On the side was a QR code which linked to a dedicated landing page where the recipients could hear from the horse’s mouth why they kept getting spammed with beautiful packaging and what we could do for them. The brilliant VideoAsk plugin allowed us to help users really start to get to know us as Owen talked them through some possible scenarios.

“Last Christmas we gave you a pud
We just wanted to know did you think it was good?
This year we sent you a beer.
We hope it tastes just as special.”

Owen Jones, Creative Director, Upshot