• Finding the true heart of a bold community art initiative.

  • How do they make a difference?

    Anita Collier is an experienced and highly skilled artist whose work ranges across a wide range of mediums. She believes art can have a positive impact on people’s mental and spiritual wellbeing, and set up Art & Soul to provide a meaningful and inspiring environment in which she can help draw out people’s artistic skills and guide them to use these skills practically.

  • What we did for them

    We ran a small brand workshop to help Anita explore her Art & Soul concept – who it was for, and what it would achieve. We developed a visual identity based around an ampersand that starts as a heart and flows into the word Soul, symbolising the harmony of Anita’s vision and giving her an identity she and her audience could identify with.

  • How did this make a difference?

    Anita now knows her venture in a much more succinct and meaningful way and, with such a vibrant identity, she has the confidence to position her workshops and communicate that purpose more successfully. The aim was always to inspire, and the exciting, colourful publicity materials go a long way to achieving this for Art & Soul.

“Upshot helped me to think about my branding in a thorough way which not only aided the final outcome of the design but also gave depth to how I thought about my work as a whole. Their patience and creative expertise meant there was plenty of attention to detail, and their willingness to collaborate on ideas has resulted in designs that very much feel a part of me… only better! Thank you.”

Anita Collier
Art & Soul