July – in a nutshell


31st July 2020

As you can see from our month in a nutshell, July marked 10 years since Owen left his last job and began the journey of self employment. In more normal times we’d have celebrated with a slap up barbecue outside Mt Wise House with our friends but, alas, not this year. Here’s what we’ve been up to instead.

1. Back together – briefly. It was lovely to all get together this month for a socially distanced catch up in the studio. We’ve all missed being there together and look forward to when it’s safe enough to all feel comfortable working there regularly. We’re tentatively looking at September to start phasing the return – but until then we’ll keep going remotely.

2. Mentoring. For the last few months, our creative director Owen has been mentoring Plymouth College of Art student Lisa Hocking “It’s been great to build in regular catch ups to see how Lisa’s been coping with lockdown, finalising her final major project and considering her next moves! Hopefully it’s been helpful for her too.”

3. Ten years. Upshot may be only 18 months old, but this month marked ten whole years since Owen started his self employment journey! It’s been good to reflect on what key milestones and significant moments have influenced his career in that time. Take a look at the article he’s published on our journal.

4. GF Smith, The Collection. Our favourite paper experts always delight the masses with their self promotional materials and tools, and the update to their famous Collection book (AKA the brick) is no exception. Produced in Upshot yellow we’re particularly taken with it…!

5. Go For It. Christian charity Tearfund needed an update to their fundraising materials to reflect the fact that many ‘normal’ fundraising activities are currently not safe or practical. We helped create a new identity, advertising and downloadable resources which went live this week.

6. Design Your Life by Vince Frost. A particularly pertinent book at the moment, the idea of applying design principles to everyday life is a fascinating subject and this book provides some thought provoking advice. Highly recommended.

7. Mark Wiggin art. Challenged to paint a portrait a day for 100 days and share on social media, the quality, energy and attention to detail of Mark’s work is really showing through, particularly in this great image of footballer-turned-activist Marcus Rashford.

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