December in a nutshell

December – in a nutshell


23rd December 2021

So here it is, Merry Christmas… We’re signing off 2021 with our final ‘month in a nutshell’ feature (in this format, anyway). In many ways a very difficult year, but in other ways the most exciting year yet. Take a look through what we’ve been working on and admiring elsewhere.

1. Christmas party

Forever young, we decided a trip to the bowling alley would be the perfect Christmas do! Owen won the bowling, Gemma won the pool round-robin, and Calum won the basketball game in the arcades – followed by a delicious meal and a few drinks at Cozy Club. Wonderful.

2. City of Smart

Studio Blackburn recently helped launch Sunderland as the City of Smart – a bold proposition full of ambition and cultural understanding. Visually, the style divided opinion in the studio but the concept was unanimously applauded. What do you think?

See more about the project

3. The Upshot Podcast

You may have seen us banging on about the launch of our new podcast this month! We might not be the next Chris Do, but we’re enjoying the journey and have a LOT more to share in the coming year.

Check out the first episode here.

4. A Year in Charity Branding

Dan Dufour is a leading expert in third sector branding circles, and his roundup of 2021 gives opinions and exposure to some truly magnificent charity brands and campaigns from this year. A thoroughly recommended read.


5. Last Christmas…

Following on from our successful Christmas pudding campaign last year, 2021 sees a popular festive hit parodied as we remind recipients of the gift we sent.

Check the case study

6. End of an era

And so finishes a two year experiment. For 24 months we’ve documented the end of each month with a summary of what we’ve been up to and inspired by. From 2022, this feature will change a bit – more to follow in the new year. In the meantime, over and out from the Upshot gang!

And there you have it. We are signing off for 2021. We hope you’ve had a good year, and that you manage to get a few days’ rest at least and ideally, depending on any new rules, manage to mingle with loved ones over a mulled wine and a handful of pigs in blankets too!