Introducing Calum


18th March 2021

Meet Calum – our recent addition to the team!

In case you didn’t know Calum already, we’ve put him through our quickfire questions for you to get to know him better. The tradition lives on!

Where are you from? P-Town! (AKA Plymouth for non-locals)

What is your role at Upshot? Graphic Designer

What are you looking forward to contributing to Upshot? There’s already a strong mission in place for Upshot, so I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun supporting that and adding my own spice to the mix!

What were your favourite branding or design projects from the last couple of months? It would be a shame to not mention the nostalgic feel of Burger King, that one kind of overshadowed McDonalds’ roll out unfortunately! Also, not that I watched them before intentionally, but Pluto TV’s new energetic brand experience is something we can all get on board with.

Complete the following in your own words

1. Design is … the communication of ideas that has the ability to change the world.

2. If I was a flavour of ice cream I’d be … a white chocolate with caramel ripple. 

3. Plymouth is the best place to live because … it’s home! You can be anywhere in the world, you’d still want to end up here.

4. If I wasn’t a designer I’d be … unemployed? Wait, I love plants, so something with that.

Quickfire quiz

1. Tea or coffee? Coffee

2. City or countryside? City

3. Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign? Illustrator

4. Pen or pencil? Pencil

5. Dog or cat? Cat

6. Book or Film? Film

7. Indian or Mexican food? Mexican (and now I’m hungry)

8. Wine or beer? Can’t beat a beer.

9. Cluedo or Monopoly? Can I just insert *scoff*? Let’s start with Catan and go from there.

10. Flying or Invisibility? Flying

What is your…

…favourite sandwich? Cheese ploughman’s with ale chutney

…favourite design book? How to be a designer without losing your soul! I haven’t lost it so far.

…favourite colour? Green!

…favourite film? The Warriors.

…favourite place you have visited? Glastonbury Festival!

…favourite Olympics identity? It’s a toss up between Lance Wyman’s 1968 olympic identity or Deborah Sussman’s 1984 fantastically vibrant take on the olympics. Either way, go big or go home.

…favourite band/singer? A Tribe Called Quest.

…favourite TV programme? Peep Show.

Written by Owen and Calum