February – in a nutshell


28th February 2020

Two months into 2020, what have we been working on and what’s been inspiring us?

1. Case for Support. Continuing our work with First Give, we’ve designed a document aimed at showcasing the benefits of funding their work in order to attract new supporters. Mockups have come through from the printers (WithPrint) today and are looking fab, complete with white wire saddle stitching and staggered page width tabs.

2. Video Games Stamps. Supple Studio in Bath have been at it again designing a set of retro stamps for Royal Mail and doing it with their usual creative flair. Each stamp focuses on a popular 80s/90s console game and features a sneaky hidden slogan which can only be viewed under UV light. Outstanding.

3. Continuing the story. One of our ongoing projects this month has been a brochure for Tearfund encouraging their supporters to visit the country they’ve been supporting to see the work on the ground. Taking the form of a passport-style booklet we’ve been developing bespoke rubber stamp graphics for each country featured – here’s a sneak preview.

4. Diabetes UK. We’ve finished our infographic project with this great charity – keep an eye on their social channels and website to a couple of medical diagrams we’ve been working on.

5. Whatever you think, think the opposite. We’ve been exploring the benefits of making bad decisions and taking risks and having the confidence to roll the dice as Paul Arden explains in this little book. Challenge yourself to think the opposite and see where it leads you. Who are you going to be?

6. Industrial Liaison Day. Our creative director always looks forward to attending the Industrial Liaison Day at Plymouth University, supporting year 3 students in panel sessions where they had a chance to present their portfolios, demonstrate their skills and gain critique from designers within the industry. Here he is playing ‘good cop/bad cop’ with the other designers from his table – Ali from Chase and James from Macmillan…

Two from two so far this year – see you in March.

Written by Owen