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  • Creating a meaningful brand and website for the agency that creates meaningful interactions.

  • How do they make a difference?

    Keen community-builders Elixel are a rapidly growing group of user experience experts and designers. Ten years after four graduates stepped out of university and formed their first company, they now employ a team in-house and in Europe, and bring their warm, enthusiastic approach to clients around the world.

    Since founding Digital Plymouth in 2017, and subsequently putting the south west digital scene on the UK map, they’re seen as something of a local hero in the local business community.

  • What we did?

    Coinciding with their first decade, they addressed a long-term dissatisfaction with their own website. We won the opportunity to help by proposing a brand-led solution, stripping back their business to its core and helping them redefine their values and mission.

    Working closely with their directors and wider team, it became a fantastic collaboration between two similarly positioned companies, despite the potential pressure of having to create a website for a firm known for digital design!

  • With strategic brand analysis articulated, the visual identity development was centred around a key phrase and brand idea – creating meaningful interactions. This purpose statement was like a eureka moment for all of us, beautifully encapsulating the relationships they nurture, the flow they encourage between clients and their end users, and the physical act of interaction with a digital device.

    A fingerprint became the symbol of these interactions; refined and styled in a way that felt personal enough not to suggest security or passwords, but graphic enough not to imply police records or antibacterial cleaners…

  • Bringing the concept into their new website helped us create a sitemap and user journey that supported their goals, and a distinctive look and feel that significantly improved the impression they were giving the world compared to their previous site.

    From case studies written by their clients, to helping them break down their services and processes more helpfully, the content was created purposefully and meticulously to reinforce their big idea.

  • How did this make a difference?

    As an agency who have spent years designing websites and apps for other businesses, Elixel found letting go and inviting someone else to do the hard yards for them challenging but incredibly refreshing!

    Leaving their preconceptions at the door, they immersed themselves in our process and found themselves much more able to articulate and challenge themselves, without the burden of needing to lead or decide anything. As such they were able to fully engage with their own client work in parallel with this project, and watch while their new identity and site started to take shape.

  • The Elixel team have been given a fresh sense of pride in the company they work for, and the directors are already finding themselves more confidently able to portray themselves authentically to their audiences, knowing that the disconnect that happened with their old identity will be thoroughly banished to the history books.

    Additional photography by Mark Sherratt.

Having this new brand update and the new website and being able to tell our story in a meaningful way has really set the foundation and the benchmark for us as a business.

Paul Bird, Creative Director, Elixel