Ebb Tides

Seaweed cosmetics packaging

Brand & Visual Identity | Design for Print | Packaging

  • From ‘ewww’ to ‘oooh!’ – repositioning and packaging seaweed in a cosmetic range packed with provenance.

  • How they make a difference

    Long-known as a delicious and nutritious ingredient – particularly in Asian cuisine, Sidmouth-based Ebb Tides have produce a range of award winning edible seaweed products for seasoning, garnishing and snacking since 2016.

    Great for skin condition, cleansing, detoxing and myriad other health benefits, the logical next step was a cosmetic range. Being so local and natural, the products are harvested with sustainability in mind and offer an as-yet under utilised source of pure wellbeing properties.

  • What we did

    In order to meet tight limitations of time and budget we refined our process into an intense week-long sprint conducted remotely via Zoom. Drawing out information and digging down to the heartbeat of the company, the week was not only fast-paced, it enabled the client to be fully immersed in the process and contribute to every step in a very practical way while we led them through from ideas to final artwork.

    Our findings gave us various creative routes and hooks to play with and, with the chosen route, resulted in a classy, luxurious feeling collection of gift-ready products.

  • How did this make a difference?

    Finding a niche that hasn’t been explored yet, Ebb Tides’ bold, creative mindset and scientific knowledge has given them a defendable position in both the cosmetics and the seaweed markets.

    Our packaging design was strategically developed to highlight the natural benefits of the product and the local, sustainable nature of seaweed – all wrapped up in a luxurious and gift-ready set. Seaweed is more than people realise – we’re expecting this project to play its part in communicating its importance.

I feel like I’ve been to Brand School! The process felt so intensive and we felt really involved the whole way through.

John Hammond, Ebb Tides