November – in a nutshell


30th November 2020

November seems to have flown by, bringing us the first signs of winter, fireworks and the glow of festivity (yes it’s almost that time of year but hold on!). We are pleased to bring you our November highlights and show you what has been keeping us busy at the studio and at home.

1. I keep my distance… Who can resist a cheeky bit of homage featuring a Christmas tune and a witty nod to the 2 metre rule? Great work by our friends Alfa, part of Plymouth Design Forum. Photo by Dom Moore.

2. Structural Packaging. It’s been a month of busy client schedules, but our exciting self promo piece has given us license to get a bit fancy! This book has been a real help as we’ve investigated some fun packaging concepts.

3. Classic fairytale books. Rarely does graphic design come more beautiful than the work of Mattson Creative whose work for the entertainment and licensed consumer products industry is always top notch. How about these classic book covers for Target? Bravo.

4. D&AD Annual. A sad sign of the times was the lack of a beautifully printed D&AD annual this year. The playful digital replacement by Studio Dumbar showcases the year’s most newsworthy work though, and creates a dynamic and original reading experience.

5. Show me the proof. Every studio knows how hard it is to prioritise their own marketing! The struggle is real, but we’re so proud of this printed piece we’ve been working on. Keep an eye out – we’ll be sharing photos as soon as we can.

6. Dogs Trust stickers. Something that’s dominated our attention (in a good way) this month is the creation of a suite of social media stickers for Dogs Trust. We’ve spent a lot of time in Procreate coming up with some fun ideas.

Thanks for joining us, in the meantime feel free to follow, like and comment on our social media updates (we love feedback) and we welcome you to join us next month for our final nutshell of the year.