December – in a nutshell


21st December 2020

Is it me or has every month been a lot quicker (and somehow, simultaneously, slower) this year than any other? December, and the end of a turbulent year for the world, draws ever nearer to its end. We’re signing off with our now-traditional monthly roundup of work, news and inspiration, with a distinctly festive feel.

1. Unprecedented Pies. If you know us well you’ll already be aware of how much we love a good pun – especially at Christmas. The Tesco Christmas campaign takes all that’s been bad about 2020 and parodies it neatly. #nonaughtylist

2. Dogs Trust stickers. It’s been great working with the marketing team at Dogs Trust on a huge new branded set of social media stickers! Following guidance from their brand guardians, The Clearing, there’s been lots of room for new illustrations and quirky animations by ourselves and regular collaborator, Sean Morgan.

3. The Big Give. We were thrilled to see our friends First Give smash their Christmas Big Give target with aplomb earlier in the month! They really do an amazing job, and it was a great privilege to play a small part in this donation-matching fundraiser campaign – the support they received was astounding.

4. The Proof of the Pudding… is in the Eating. Having teased this last month it seemed a shame not to reveal the final result – the packs came back from the printers so beautifully they had to feature. Here’s to meeting some fab new foodie friends through them next year.

5. Metal Christmas. Not everyone wants their Christmas hits sickly sweet – some want them a little heavier. For those of you with a penchant for brutal guitars AND festive fun, August Burns Red is always our recommended go-to.

6. 2021 Vision. Ok, we know the ‘2020 Vision’ thing has probably been done to death but we’ve posted a recent article on our journal about our new approach for the coming year. Take a read!

So there you have it. Our final monthly roundup of 2020. We can’t explain how surprised we are that we managed to keep this going for a whole year but we hope someone, somewhere enjoyed it. It’s great for us to look back at all we’ve got up to as well. Stay safe. Enjoy Christmas the best you can in the circumstances – we know for some that will be easier than for others. And we look forward to reconnecting with you all in 2021!