Soul Millionaire

Branding and information design

Brand & Visual Identity | Marketing Communications

  • When wisdom, philosophy and business consultation feel complex, branding and information design help make them bitesized and compelling.

  • How do they make a difference?

    David Scarlett is a well-renowned speaker, author, coach and mentor in the financial sector but his approach is, unusually, far less money-focused than you might expect.

    His Soul Millionaire journey is honed to equip leaders of financial businesses with the vision and tools required to change the lives of 1 million people – from the root of all their hopes and dreams, not just their turnover goals.

  • What we did?

    With so much detail involved in David’s thought process and methods it was vital to really get into his head and understand how he thought! We worked closely with him to help visually interpret the programme he had been working on for years – stripping back layers of information to find a clearly defined diagram from which he could build course structure.

    This information was converted into a series of workbooks and videos from which participants could follow an 8-part online or mentored programme.

  • The Soul Millionaire brand identity was struggling to match the ambition of the programme, let alone impacting design of the many touch points that would be required to launch successfully. We turned the tables on this master strategist and helped him to clarify elements of his personality that defined the brand he hopes will be a lasting legacy.

    Core terminology was written and defined, and stylistic decisions were made in order to create consistent and dynamic design assets, and a logo was developed that successfully represented David’s vision and provided an identifiable asset for the brand.

  • How did this make a difference?

    With David’s objective being to influence a million people to influence a million of their own, he needed to make a carefully planned and confident first step – something we’ve been proud to assist him with. The brand now has a form that will make continuous output more viable, sought after and successful, and the launch of the programme was an immediate success.

What an exhilarating creative process. Owen understood the emotional brief and the desired visual branding… even though I was really vague at the outset.
What was created went beyond our imaginations, and caused me to push myself to the edge of comfort… creating something enticingly different and unexpected.

David Scarlett, Soul Millionaire