Mutley Baptist Church

Brand identity and comms

Brand & Visual Identity | Digital | Marketing Communications

  • Carefully balancing traditional and contemporary style to bring consistency to church comms.

  • How do they make a difference?

    Mutley Baptist Church is a large Christian church in Plymouth. With 150 years of history in their magnificent current building, the church has a strong reputation in the Baptist world. These days, the church remains central in the local community, reaching out to vulnerable adults, local families and young people amongst others through its core ministries.

  • What we did for them

    With the church in need of a modern visual identity that could unite their growing amount of inward and outward-facing publicity, we created a strong and well crafted logo that took hints from the meticulous architecture of the building, while communicating the concept of life flowing and growing from the cross that sits in the centre.

  • With a new logo in place, various graphic elements have been developed and used to create a cohesive identity, including a set of sub-brand logos for individual groups. This identity has contributed to a wide range of applications from internal documents, guides and stationery, through to signage, printed event and service publicity, and social media assets.

  • We conceived an innovative printed welcome pack containing inserts within a custom A6 outer allowing flexible reprinting when needed.

    We are currently in the process of building a mammoth new website for the church, from planning the strategy of user journeys, devising the site map and creating photographic and copy content to designing the structure, look and feel and collaborating with developers to make it happen.

  • How did this make a difference?

    Our ideas across various projects have enabled clearer communications with church members, creating a more welcoming and friendly environment for visitors, enabling easy movement around a complex building through a strategic wayfinding system, making teaching easier to follow through engaging visuals, and encouraging visits from new people through social media and printed publicity.

“Upshot were asked to redesign the church logo, which has been a great success, capturing the essence of what we are, the message we wish to give and the welcome we wish to show as a living and growing church in the community. Their work is outstanding in concept and style.”

Andy Caldwell, Senior Pastor
Plymouth, UK