Man for all Seasons

Brand identity

Brand & Visual Identity | Marketing Communications

  • Proving that building and cultivating brands for small businesses really works.

  • How do they make a difference?

    Founded and driven by young horticulturist and designer, Luke Foster, Man for all Seasons are a blooming* grounds and garden maintenance company in Plymouth.

    *Sorry, not sorry

  • Luke’s own expert plant knowledge and his vision for seeing outdoor spaces used to their potential give his business a huge advantage in the market. He and his specialist team offers bespoke building and maintenance services to a wide range of commercial and domestic customers, and have been instrumental in building a unique sensory garden for people with dementia in Plymouth.

  • What we did for them

    With a generic clip art graphic masquerading as their logo, our job was to bring a sense of quality and credibility to the Man for all Seasons brand, communicating a larger operation than the name suggested. Advertising, newsletters, uniforms and vehicle livery were designed to launch the bold, high-impact identity into action, and a new responsive website gave a professional and informative online presence.

  • How did this make a difference?

    With major contracts secured in the aftermath of the launch, Luke and his team remain one of the most sought-after garden service companies in the area and the one with the most visible presence on the road.

    They have been able to grow their team, dedicating particular staff to routine works while Luke gained additional qualifications and managed the more creative and visionary aspects of the business.

“A valued long-term client, Man for all Seasons are a walking example of how branding is not just for the huge multinationals. With a bit of vision, micro-businesses such as Luke’s, can achieve and exceed their aims by communicating in a way that raises the bar in their industry.”

Owen Jones, Creative Director