First Give

Website design

Digital | Marketing Communications

  • Collaborating to create an ambitious digital introduction to the outstanding work of this UK charity.

  • How do they make a difference?

    Working with nearly 200 schools around the UK, First Give delivers an innovative and valuable programme to secondary school aged students. Their programme introduces the idea of social action to the students; supporting them to find a social issue in their community that they are passionate about, and empowering them to do something about it.

    Following the rebrand that we carried out, their website needed new life to communicate the impact they’re making to young people’s lives throughout the country.

  • What we did?

    First Give’s existing site was causing difficulties. Messaging was inconsistent and didn’t reflect any real user journey, meaning nobody really ended up with the information they required. Having worked with us on their rebrand and subsequent projects, they turned to us to help create a deeper and more targeted site that communicated much more clearly the value of their offering and improve user experience.

    Working closely with the client as well as developers, Elixel, we wove First Give’s values and purpose through the site, creating parallax-style animations, illustrations, copywriting and bold brand design to communicate the right messages and hold people’s attention. 

  • How did this make a difference?

    We knew that the audiences First Give needed to talk to were diverse, with different messaging and specific calls to action required and so we connected them with UX and Design Thinking specialists, Elixel, to run a workshop and draw out wireframes on which to base the various user journeys. Knowing that the foundations were in place from the start gives First Give confidence that the right audiences will find the site perfectly suited to their needs and the site will no doubt grow and develop even further as the charity develops.

Working with Upshot on the First Give project was a joy. They were always on hand to offer their design expertise and bring new creative ideas to the table. Their dedication to ensuring brand values were met and that their client stood out from the crowd demonstrates what a great design partner they are.

Becky Veater, Technical Director, Elixel