Cakes by Kate

Brand identity

Brand & Visual Identity | Marketing Communications

  • Logo design with a sweet tooth – using design to boost the perception of a baking specialist start up.

  • How do they make a difference?

    Even if it was just her delicious cakes, Kate would be contributing a wonderful gift to the world. But what we really loved about her branding process was the revelation that her cakes represent something much more. Her cakes aren’t just delicious combinations of ingredients – they are symbolic of the moment they represent and will live on as part of that memory.

  • What we did for them

    Our aim was to capture as simply as possible the essence of celebration and craft, and provide an identity that would bring a touch of class to her products when delivered or viewed online. We created a flexible logo and pattern that transfered across various stationery, advertising and packaging applications.

  • How did this make a difference?

    Ultimately our work helped Kate feel a sense of pride and excitement about advertising her new business. Where she could easily have put something together herself that would convey part of her vision, our work added a real sense of professional attention to detail that brings her products to life and contributes to the experience of ordering from Cakes by Kate.

“Ok, who wouldn’t want to work for somebody who provides delicious tray bakes to their studio on a regular basis…?”

Owen Jones, Creative Director