Alliance Physical Therapy

Brand identity

Brand & Visual Identity | Marketing Communications

  • Transatlantic brand design for a progressive physical therapy start-up.

  • How do they make a difference?

    Philip Chamberlain is a physical therapist in Portland, Maine (physiotherapist, here in the UK) with big ideas. Profoundly driven by his principles, Philip believes in getting people better as quickly as possible. As self explanatory and obvious as that might sound, it resonates and stands out in a US market led by health insurance and what is and isn’t covered by it.

  • With a clear focus on partnering with their patients (hence the name), tracking their performance to prove effectiveness, and leaving customers with the ability to get back to what they enjoy more efficiently, Alliance use forward thinking methods and treatments to ensure the best possible results.

  • What we did for them

    We analysed the business proposition and worked closely with Alliance to understand his vision. The dual ribbons of the abstract A mark represented Alliance and their patient working in tandem, with a nod to joint manipulation in the bend at the top. We developed icons to represent Alliance’s core values, and delivered a suite of printed and digital materials support the launch and beyond.

  • How did this make a difference?

    With the brand established and the new website launched, referrals increased to 90 per month within just eight months, and still growing. They are now a team of four therapists and two support and administrative staff, and business is booming. The website has been cited by many new organic referrals as a key reason for choosing Alliance.

“Upshot have an incredible ability to listen to my disjointed thoughts and ideas about what I want and am looking for and then turn it into something creative, unique and cohesive! I can safely say that as a result of Upshot’s work, I have the most creative, clear and consistent branding in my industry within my region. Let’s crack open the next project”

Philip Chamberlain, Owner
Alliance Physical Therapy, Portland ME