October – in a nutshell


30th October 2020

It’s been another nice and busy month for the team at Upshot. We are delighted to bring you news on some of the projects we have been working on throughout October, along with what’s been inspiring us across the industry.

1. Branding in 5 1/2 Steps. Michael Johnson is a designer we admire greatly. Witty, understated and insightful, his agency have a wonderful way with words and Owen has once again been referring back to Michael’s book Branding in Five and a Half Steps for inspiration this month (flicking through on the bus – a little awkward given its size!).

2. Tomorrow Starts Tonight campaign. Using oversized props, Mother focused on the benefits of great rest and tied them in cleverly with actual Ikea products. We loved the neat idea and ‘second glance’ appeal – beautifully done.

3. The Forgotten ‘C’. With Covid still raging on, cancer diagnosis and treatment has taken a huge hit – but the disease doesn’t go away. Macmillan Cancer Support have put together a fascinating (and concerning!) report about the cancer backlog and we’ve been working with them this month to package it up in an accessible way, ready to put pressure on the powers that be and hopefully make a difference for the thousands of people that feel forgotten and left behind.

4. Halloween. Whilst Halloween isn’t an occasion Owen particularly enjoys, it does give rise to some great creative output. The new Fanta advert is one example, as is Target’s Hide and Eek store decor campaign designed by the über-talented Clark Orr.

5. Tearfund Awakened. Working with black majority churches in the UK, Tearfund found their core messaging needed adjusting, and Awakened was born. We were hired to help update their main comms materials to support the amazing work the charity are doing in supporting self-sufficiency in communities in Africa and the Caribbean.

6. Steve Whiteway. We were saddened to hear of the passing of our friend Steve recently. A big character and well-known figure in the Plymouth business scene, he was well liked and did a huge amount of selfless work for those less fortunate than himself. He will be missed by many.

That’s all for now, in the meantime keep an eye on our social media updates and we look forward to bringing you more news in November.