May – in a nutshell


28th May 2021

Despite being the wettest May we can remember, it’s been a good month at Upshot with a lot of projects falling into that nice stage where you can see tangible, visual outputs starting to come together. So this month’s ‘in a nutshell’ is packed full of more of our own work than usual – a nice change of pace.

1. The Millennial Money Masterplan. Millennials will never gain true financial freedom, right? That’s what the media would have us believe anyway. Financial advisor Matthew Smith strongly disagrees, and his book explains why. We took the concept of rebellion – standing against media narratives – to create a distinctive cover design with elements that followed through the internal text pages.

2. Sarah. Empowering and engaging with students is a big part of our mentality and brand at Upshot, and having met Sarah at the annual Industrial Liaison day at Plymouth Uni she impressed us with her proactive and confident approach. Then she sent us doughnuts and so there was no way we could not get her into the studio for a bit!

3. Mind rebrand, by Design Studio. Having worked with Mind before on a number of occasions we’ve been all too aware of the gap between the amazing, life-changing work they do and the quality of their brand identity! Keeping the logo recognisable and adding a suite of typographic, illustrative and colour palette assets, Design Studio have done a fantastic job of retaining equity and massively improving the charity’s brand.

4. Drinks out. It was a landmark moment, wasn’t it – when the pubs reopened? We took advantage with a little team social and, despite being a man down, Adam was with us in spirit (and via a charming printout of his face) and we had a great time at Brewdog, Plymouth!

5. Soul Millionaire. As visual brand guardians of David Scarlett’s Soul Millionaire brand, we’ve been working with him and his team to refine a complex movement into a simple and concise strategy, and look and feel. The new logo and refined style guide are giving Soul Millionaire a new lease of life and will be rolled out within an ambitious new coaching programme very soon.

6. Smeaton Homes. A brand we’ve worked with for many years now, we’ve been working closely with director Dan Robinson recently to add more depth to their brand strategy. The identity needed to evolve as a result, and we’re excited to start showcasing the updates across their business very soon.

And that’s it for May. Enjoy your bank holiday and half term (if that’s your thing!) and we’ll be back for more in June. In the meantime, nag us if we haven’t shared further developments of the above – we’ve got a lot we want to show!