March – in a nutshell


31st March 2020

Wow, what a difference a month can make! March brought around much change, check out what we have been doing and what has inspired us.

1. Stay home. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, just like many businesses we had to make the tough decision to pack up the office and work from home. It’s taken a real shift in mindset and a proactive approach to ensure that we can all continue to work as a team, despite being in different areas of the city. Zoom has become a really useful tool to stay in touch and we are utilising this on a Monday with a weekly catch up. Morale is ok, we are confident we can get through this and hope to have gained some useful skills from the experience when we return to studio life one day.

2. Once upon a time in the West Country. Balancing this new work/life/childcare balance, Owen’s been squeezing in a little bit of social distancing from design! Tony Hawks’ most recent book continues in a similar vein to his classic ‘Round Ireland With a Fridge’ and others – witty, humorous, entertaining and it’s all about our neck of the woods. Would recommend.

3. Wondering about social distancing? We spotted this doing the rounds on LinkedIn this week. Andrew Sondern, Art Director for The New York Times demonstrated beautifully what social distancing looks like. What a great example of a perfect design solution.

4. We mow so they don’t have to. Our long-term client Man for all Seasons needed a bit of a refresh to their publicity materials which had been doing them proud for around six years. We reconsidered the layout of their leaflets, creating a bold new look that reflects the angles of their logo, as well as writing copy for a couple of new campaign pieces.

5. Mayflower 400. At this rate it might end up being Mayflower 401, given the number of commemorative events that are being postponed or cancelled, but Plymouth Design Forum’s 400×400 Design Challenge is still going strong and receiving some very public visibility. Some very eye catching entries are appearing on the side of a building on Union Street courtesy of Big Ups and Nudge Communities. If you weren’t staying home, you couldn’t miss them…

6. Punk Sanitiser. BrewDog founder James Watt has delivered the first batch of his new bottled hand sanitiser to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s Intensive Care Unit, free! Punk Sanitiser has been made in response to the shortage during the coronavirus pandemic. James wanted to do something to help everyone during this difficult time we are all facing. A demonstration of how businesses are utilising their skills and time for the good of others.

7. New case study. Finally this month the long awaited case study for our branding work with London charity First Give has made it onto our website ready for you to check out. Massive props to Paul from Clash and Clash for his photographic expertise. Take a look and please share if you like it.

See what happens in our next update for April and stay safe!