March – in a nutshell


31st March 2021

We are back! Sorry we missed February, sometimes real life gets in the way (there’s more to life than work don’t forget!). However, we are here, busy and with a new crew member to share our exciting journey in all things great coffee and even greater design! Let’s dive into what we have been up to…

1. Welcome Calum! As if 2020-21 hadn’t been intense enough already, we decided to add an amazing new design talent to our team! How’s that for shaking things up? Calum joins highly recommended and well renowned for his digital and brand design skills in the local design scene and we’re thrilled to have him on board.

2. Changemaker beer. We have recently had a great conversation with a local brewer with a similar story to New Zealand’s Changemaker, so when we saw Milk‘s packaging and branding work for these guys it really caught our eye! Do check out their amazing story while you feast your eyes on the delicious design system.

3. Wiltshire Community Foundation. We love a good report, and working with Wiltshire Community Foundation’s new brand made it simple to create a neat and clean typographic-based layout – easy to read and engage with. We’re looking forward to working with this impactful client more in the coming months.

4. Ebb Tides packaging. 100% pure seaweed. That’s all it takes to treat your body to a whole host of beneficial nutrients that are great for skin conditions, gut health and other internal organs. Ebb Tides harvest locally and supply a totally natural and sustainable cosmetic range that we were thrilled to help develop packaging for recently. Keep an eye out for this range of bath and shower products.

5. First Give website. In collaboration with our friends at Elixel, we’ve been helping First Give to totally revamp their web presence through an intense UX/UI process and website redesign. We’re dead chuffed with the results, but more importantly, so are First Give.

6. Rebranding Branding. What is branding? And why, as branding professionals, are we not able to succinctly describe or explain it consistently? Max Ottignon of London agency Ragged Edge wrote this deeply thought-provoking article over a year ago but its point is just as relevant now as then. Well worth a few minutes’ read and reflection.

We look forward to sharing what we have been working on and inspired by throughout the month when we bring you our next nutshell in April. In the meantime, do be sure to follow us on social media and say hello!