June – in a nutshell


30th June 2020

Whilst it might look like we’re mainly showing other people’s work this month, June has been our busiest month for ages – we just can’t show what we’ve been working on! The bulk of our time this month has been spent developing and finalising two major charities’ annual reports and we look forward to showing more as and when the auditors approve them and they become public! In the mean time, here are a few highlights from this month.

1. Outside Lies Magic. Our friends Steve & SJ from Studio In The Sticks recently launched the first in their new range of custom notebooks and they are stunning! Meticulously specified to comprise recycled stocks for the covers, smooth writing paper inside and optimised corner radiuses, it’s all about those little details. The hero of the design is the beautiful hand crafted lettering on the front, applied using hot foil – and for only £15 for a set of three they are a feast for the senses. Get yours here!

2. 2020 Calendar. What can we say about this year that hasn’t been said already? Halfway through I’m pretty sure we can all agree it’s been one to forget for the majority of the world, with the months between March and June becoming almost obsolete. CD&Co, the creative studio run by Australian designer Christopher Doyle, have asked the question ‘how about we all just write those months off completely?’ by releasing this humorous calendar that just misses them out altogether! You can order one from their online shop.

3. Englefield Estate. Our clients needed a refresh to their tenant handbook and we were on hand to help. They wanted it to reflect their existing high-end brand using some of their excellent photography, but with the handbook needing to be constantly updated to reflect new guidance it was vital that they could make these changes in-house without incurring further costs. Always up for a challenge, we turned round a beautiful and flexible product designed in Word specifically to reduce ongoing amendment costs, whilst adding value to (and improving the reading experience for) Englefield’s tenants.

4. Dogs Trust. We love it when our clients come back for more and we are excited to be part of a major project that the charity Dogs Trust are working on at the moment. Details are a bit ‘ruff’ at the moment and we’d be barking mad to say too much too soon and lead you on, but we’ll share more when we can…! Sorry.

5. Earn With Your Art. Dean Samed is a digital illustrator. He has built multiple small creative ‘hustles’ into successful niche businesses. His new book, Earn With Your Art (released last month) is a collection of lessons he has learnt and advice he’s passing on to help other artists of all kinds turn their creative skills into legitimate businesses and revenue streams. Featuring interviews with a range of creatives (including Owen, our founder), it’s packed with practical tips and we recommend giving it a good read. You can see from the Post-It notes in Owen’s copy he’s found plenty to refer back to! Get your copy here.

6. Smeaton Covid campaign. Yes, you’ve seen a little bit already, but this month we’ve uploaded a full case study on our website to showcase our work with Smeaton Homes on their safety information campaign during lockdown. Why not pop over and take another look?

We look forward to bringing you our next update in July, until then keep washing those paws!