June – in a nutshell


29th June 2021

June has been another pleasantly busy month. We have been delving into the realms of animation, website design and team dynamics – whilst practicing our latte art skills (be sure to check out our Instagram feeds) and we invite you to take a look at what we have been up to.

1. Game Changer
We loved working with Real Ideas on this series of short animated ads for their service that helps young people find and apply for great new career opportunities in Cornwall. Our first big foray into the world of animation: we’ve got the bug and we can’t wait to do more!

2. Do Lectures
It was high time we upped our game in terms of reading a few books. Owen’s noticed a gap in his skillset and, having had a small team for a mere 4 years, now is apparently a good time to learn how to be a manager. As good a time as any we suppose… Wish us all luck.

3. The Fusion Series – Footballs
We’ve featured Craig Black and his work for Glasgow Rangers here before, but these footballs are causing such a wave of excitement for us (OK, mainly Owen), particularly during the Euros, it was impossible to resist showing them. Check out the whole set on Craig’s website and Instagram – which is your favourite?

4. Road to Mayflower
Mayflower 400 may have come, gone, and completely been missed due to Covid, but the historic pilgrimage is still being commemorated. Over a year ago we were working on a community project linking Plymouth’s design community with schools across the city to build a dramatic art installation of panels lining the road into Plymouth. This week we had the pleasure of sarahbrittainedwards company to shoot a selection of school artworks ready to send to print. Keep your eyes peeled for the launch soon.

5. Alliance Physical Therapy
We worked with Phil Chamberlain in 2016 to help launch the brand and website for his new physical therapy clinic in Portland, ME. Alliance have gone from strength to strength but their website has shown signs of needing an update to bring a more informative and comprehensive range of information to their audience. It’s still work-in-progress, but the new site is coming along well and we’re looking forward to seeing its impact!

6. Devon Coffee Co
Good coffee is really important to us. As is not having to run to the shops on a weekly basis to top up on beans for the espresso machine. That’s why we’ve begun a subscription to test out devoncoffeecompany Super Eight espresso beans and boy do they deliver! Pop in for a cup soon, or just look out for our amazing latte art attempts on stories if that’s more your thing…

Do come back next month and join us again for more updates, in the meantime we hope you are enjoying our news (let us know, don’t be shy!) and we wish you a great start to July.