July – in a nutshell


30th July 2021

July has seen a flurry of activity for us and you may recognise a few of these snapshots from our feed (look back for more info if you missed them). We’ve had some amazing weather and plenty of drama!

1. Adam

Owen celebrated 11 years of business this month but the biggest news was that our first employee, Adam, has now left Upshot and will soon be starting an exciting new role elsewhere. Whilst it’s sad to lose him, we’re also excited about the opportunities this role will give him in his career and remain great friends!

Check out our farewell blog post

2. Road to Mayflower

This was such a privilege to be involved with, engaging with the community in Plymouth in a really special way. Commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower alongside the city council and local schools and pupils and facilitated by Plymouth Design Forum. If you’re in Plymouth check out the panels along Embankment Road now.

Read more about the project

3. First Give website

Brand values are really important guides for a lot of the creative output of a brand. Our partnership with First Give and Elixel gave a wonderful opportunity to collaborate and bring out the charity’s personality through their website and its customer journey.

View our case study

4. Mentoring

It feels like forever ago but the beginning of July was marked by the visit of Sue from Co-Foundry, Owen’s super mentor, as we delved into positioning and marketing strategy together. Having Sue to bounce ideas off and learn from has been awesome for our business – have you got a mentor that you can lean on? Would definitely recommend it.

find out more about sue

5. One of a Kind

We love a good poster collection, and especially one with a charitable purpose. Celebrating 21 years of Teenage Cancer Trust’s Royal Albert Hall shows, the One of a Kind exhibition brings together 21 artwork pieces which will be sold to raise money for the charity. The event is curated by HingstonStudio and runs until 31st July – there are some absolute crackers – do check them out!


6. A slice of heaven from the coast of Devon

Ebb Tides harvest local seaweed from the beach at Sidmouth and have developed a range of simple and natural cosmetic products. We took to the road for a sunny morning at the beach to snap some shots of the packaging we designed in situ. Case study coming soon.


7. 2 Bobs

One of the great resources Sue has recommended for us to check out is the 2 Bobs podcast by Blair Enns and David C Baker. There are a lot of great subjects covered, from pricing strategy, positioning advice and even a fab one on ‘Creative Bullsh*t Bingo’! If you’re interested in creative business entrepreneurship or involved in the creative industry it’s well worth checking out for their expertise.

Listen to their podcast

Like most people at this time of the year, we’re looking forward to the summer holidays with family and friends, but we will be back next month. Be sure to follow us on social media to see what we’re getting up to in August.