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  • We pass it on

    We pass it on


    11th September 2019

    In the words of Dave Grohl, I’ve got another confession to make. I don’t like the term graphic design. (That last bit’s mine, not Dave’s…).

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  • There’s more to life than work

    There’s more to life than work


    2nd September 2019

    Starting any new job can be daunting. A new environment, a new company culture. Will I fit in? Will I do a good job? How does everyone have their coffee?!

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  • Clients don’t know nothing

    Clients don’t know nothing


    12th August 2019

    I’ve lost count of the memes and social media accounts dedicated to cheap laughs at the expense of design clients. Hilarious? Rarely. Amusing? Occasionally. Justified? Probably not.

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  • There’s no room for funny business

    There’s no room for funny business


    5th August 2019

    Temptation. Convenience. Pressure. Lack of awareness. There are many reasons why basic ethical practice is often sacrificed in business today.

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  • ‘That’ll do’ won’t do

    ‘That’ll do’ won’t do


    12th June 2019

    In the summer of 2010 (not ’69, sorry Bryan Adams fans) I started the journey of running my own business. I was at a stage in my career where I was inspired by some amazing solo designers’ work and frustrated that I didn’t have the control in my projects that I wanted to guide the quality level to a comparable point.

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  • Walking the Walk

    Walking the Walk

    Article | News

    10th December 2018

    Is your business really different? Does it have a unique characteristic (or combination of characteristics) that makes your customers choose you rather than someone else? Do you sometimes slip into the trap of commoditisation?

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