Introducing Gemma


12th September 2019

Meet Gemma – our new Studio Administrator!

In honour of our traditional method of introducing new team members, we asked Gemma a few quickfire questions to get to know her better.

Where are you from? Bedfordshire

What is your role at Upshot? Studio Administrator

In an ideal world, where would you be in 5 years time? Managing your studio 🙂 and taking lots of trips to Italy

Complete the following in your own words

1. Design is … the creation of something with purpose in mind

2. If I was a flavour of ice cream I’d be… Coffee dark chocolate chip

Quickfire quiz

1. Tea or coffee? Coffee

2. City break or villa by the beach? Beach

3. Dogs or cats? Dogs

4. Book or movie? Movie

5. Flying or invisibility? Invisibility

6. Mexican or Indian food? Mexican eating out – Indian at home

7. Being too hot or too cold? Too cold

8. J. K. Rowling or J. R. R. Tolkien? Rowling

9. Bond or Bourne? Bond most definitely

10. Bacon & eggs or pancakes & syrup? Bacon and eggs

What is your…

…favourite sandwich? Turkey stuffing and cranberry with a blob of mayonnaise

…favourite musical? Grease

…favourite colour? Blue in all variations

…favourite film? Cast Away

…favourite place you have visited? Italy, Positano

…favourite sport? Netball – I played for the county growing up

…favourite band/singer/musician? There are many! Probably Muse

…favourite TV programme? The Handmaids Tail

And finally

Which three guests (dead or alive) would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Oprah, Denzel Washington and Romesh Ranganathan


Written by Owen and Gemma