Helping From Home

Recent work

3rd June 2020

COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways. For a charity with operations that exclusively take place within schools, encouraging students to work in teams and build contact with external causes, the closure of schools and subsequent lockdown meant their whole modus operandi was turned on its head, very quickly indeed!

First Give needed to act fast to help the schools they already work with to complete the programme as best they could under the new rules. But not just that. Since the rebrand we led them through last year, they were clearer about what their core purpose was, and this was heavily linked to social action – active altruism, and specifically the idea of inspiring and empowering young people to engage more in helping others.

Because this need to inspire social action was so central to their purpose, to continue ‘being First Give’ they needed to find a new way to deliver that. With a large audience within the education sector already, social media gave them an opportunity to widen their net beyond the geographic areas they already worked in, and Helping From Home was born.

Young people were given lesson plans to follow digitally, and were asked to find innovative (and ‘within-government-guidelines’) ways of making a difference for others in their communities, representing an existing charity or cause that they could advocate for. Anyone could enter each month and the best example would win a grant for their charity. Our role was to take the materials that First Give had written and create professional standard resources, lesson plans and workbooks, and providing creative assets to help advertise the programme on social media.

We made an adapted version of the First Give logo that, conveniently, resembled a window and represented the idea of looking out from a place of isolation at home.

We also worked with illustrator Aditi Kakade Beaufrand who had already provided the illustrative style for the brand identity, to update our suite of images for use in this specific campaign. And as a fun little bonus piece we dreamed up a few animations featuring relevant slogans and a little bit of tongue-in cheek humour. Let us know your favourite…

‘Think outside the box…’

‘Stuck in? Reach out.’

‘Social distance — social action.’

‘Lockdown? Step up.’