Gain an advantage: Take pride in your appearance


6th June 2016

This series has investigated three key ways in which a well-considered and professionally designed identity provides a return for its owner by instilling a reaction in others. This week’s final instalment flips this and focuses on how the same identity can bring a change in your own attitude and performance.

When we are going out for a special occasion, we like to make sure we look our absolute best. When we are looking our best we want to make sure we record the occasion with photos and make sure as many people see us as possible! In the same way, when people invest in a well-designed identity they can’t wait to show it off.

By doing so, your new look can put you in front of a whole new audience: friends, family, business contacts new and old, and the general public. With a new identity comes the opportunity for new promotional materials: leaflets, brochures, websites and advertising. These items can introduce people to your new branding as well as explaining and reminding people exactly what you do and why you do it, in a tangible, practical way.

When we are looking our best we exude a very attractive quality: confidence. With a new look for our business we are released to speak with a new boldness and assuredness, safe in the knowledge that our identity shows us to be the desirable and trustworthy entity we’ve always known we were.

With a new look for our business we are released to speak with a new boldness and assuredness…

I’ve worked with small businesses whose logos and design were as homemade as they come. Some have been plodding on fairly happily, others have been struggling to make ends meet. All, though, have seen the opportunity to rejuvenate their enthusiasm and take pride in their appearance.

With confidence we gain authority: our message can become more authentic and engaging, our image more captivating and our attitude more bold. No longer do we hide in the shadows, we actively search for and thrive on opportunities to interact.